Why is Rae Dunn So Popular & Which Items Are Worth More?

Why is Rae Dunn So Popular & Which Items Are Worth More?

Ahh, are you guys sick of hearing about Rae Dunn from me yet? No? OK. I have struggled with whether or not to stay active (inactive, rather) in the Rae Dunn groups on Facebook. There are so many mean and vindictive people on there who think they are better than certain people. I’ve written a post alllll about that, in case you are new here and haven’t read it yet. But this time I wanted to discuss something that was triggered on one of those groups tonight and by a search term that brought one of you here before.

What is Rae Dunn? Why is it so popular? What items are worth more?

Well, I have the answers.

Rae Dunn is an artist who created a minimal design for pottery that has become very popular with those who have become obsessed with the farmhouse look in home decor. We can thank Chip & Joanna Gaines and their popular TV show, Fixer Upper, for the increase in the Farmhouse Decor trend. Shiplap and all white have become increasingly popular in homes, along with cotton stems, natural woods and magnolia wreaths over the past couple of years. (BTW, did you hear their announcement today that Season 5 would be their last season of Fixer Upper?)

Rae Dunn has been sold in TJX stores (Marshalls, Home Goods and TJ Maxx in the US) for several years. It is not new, but the demand for it is. In the past year, the increase in collectors has skyrocketed. It is now much harder to walk into a TJX store and find Rae Dunn. You have to rise with the roosters and open the stores in order to have a chance at finding any. Sometimes you can go throughout the day and find it has been put out, but you still have competition out there.

But what makes it valuable and which pieces are worth more?

What makes it valuable is the fact that supply is low and demand is high and you have some collectors who are willing to pay much higher prices to acquire it. There are no set prices, it’s just based on availability online at places like eBay and Mercari and in stores and whatever bidders are willing to pay. You can search an item and check the sold prices box to see what pieces have been selling for recently.

Hot items are typically unique items like canisters and holiday items. Some wind up being worth more than others, you just have to pay attention to what people want. Obviously discontinued boutique items are worth more, often ones that are similar to newer items, like the teapot and creamer…things like that. The round Eat plates are on a lot of people’s ISO (in search of) lists, including mine. Cookies is ALWAYS a hot item, especially at Christmas time when people are baking.

Just because items are new does not mean they are automatically worth more or something people will trade hot items for. So don’t start buying up all the Rae Dunn you come across thinking it will get you what you want. Put it in your cart and check out eBay to see if they are a desirable item. Things like the Coffee, Sugar, Tea and Cookies canisters are always good to get. People love making coffee stations and using these items for that.

If you are a member of Facebook Rae Dunn groups, then you will see people online trading for items as well.

How do I know what is a good trade?

A good trade is simply good when someone is willing to trade an item you really want for something they really want. If you are seeking to trade an item in hopes of reeling in a hot item, you might have to do some research and see what is comparable in value. A lot of people say that doesn’t matter, just do it retail to retail. Well, I can tell you that is bull because any collector knows that some items aren’t worth the trade (unless it’s like I first mentioned).

It’s all about doing research and getting acquainted with Rae Dunn pieces. Things like dog bowls will likely never be worth much or good for trades. The rounded mugs and ones with images on them usually aren’t very popular either, unless it’s holiday, but even then, that doesn’t automatically make it valuable. It’s the demand for it that does. Typically, LL (Long Letter) items are what people want the most. LL holiday items are highly sought after. Usually holiday stuff changes from year to year and that adds to raising their value.

But like I said, it’s all about supply and demand in the end. If you are new to Rae Dunn, welcome and I hope this helps you. I like being real with people when it comes to making an investment like this so that they don’t wind up with a bunch of items they thought were of value that aren’t. And as I’ve said before, that value also depends on what YOU want. My Bah, Humbug mug is worth the world to me and I would never get rid of it for any reason. It was the first piece I decided to keep and I am a big fan of A Christmas Carol and Scrooged.