Why I Decorate Early for Christmas

Why I Decorate Early for Christmas

Typically, I start decorating around the first weekend in November….or about a week in, whichever I feel like. This year, I decided to wait a little longer to start, mostly because I want to take a break in between and tackle some things that need to be tended to, like painting another coat or two in the family room to cure the previous color seeping through. I would like to get this done before I start putting stuff up.

Honestly, none of us ever need to explain why we do the things we do. We should all accept that we are different and unique in our own ways and make decisions in our lives that will lead to happiness and fulfillment. If anything, this election needs to teach us all that no matter what, love rules. We can use a lot more positive vibes and happiness in this world, so if someone decorating early for Christmas does that, then cheer them on!

I decorate so early because – if you haven’t noticed – I put up 3 full-sized trees and a small one. I also decorate an 8.5′ mantle along with other areas of my home. I really go all out since it’s my favorite time to decorate. I’d like to enjoy it for longer than 25 days or so after putting all that work into it. And no one helps me.

The way the lights make the room look so magical and inviting is something that brings me peace and happiness. It’s a time to reflect on family and even community. Christmas has always been a celebration of family for me. I love the gathering, I love hosting and I love the conversation and the fun we have.

Overall, it’s a very special time of year for me.