Where to Find Vintage Style Wire Plate Racks

Where to Find Vintage Style Wire Plate Racks

I think that plate racks are becoming a very popular styling item, especially for those who have plate collections. I have been following some Rae Dunn groups online and the hot topic seems to be where to find these wire plate racks and I have done my research and found several sites where you can find them. Hopefully if one is sold out, you can move to the next.

Up first is this vintage inspired plate rack from Decor Steals. It is a whole, round one with darker wire which can add great contrast against lighter colored dishes. For only $26.95, it is competitively priced. It can hold 20 plates.

Next up is this beautiful and natural looking wire plate rack from Farmhouse Wares. It is a little higher priced at $42, but can hold 32 plates. This is a great find for those who have a larger collection.

Here is another of the round wire plate racks and this one is from -ta da! – Cracker Barrel! It will hold 20 plates and is currently on sale for $20.99 from $34.99. You better hurry and snag up that great deal! It looks exactly like the one from Decor Steals.

Lastly for the whole round wire racks is this one from Everything Kitchens. It has 32 slots and looks the same as the one from Farmhouse Wares, but has a smaller price tag at $29.95. It’s original retailer is Creative Co-op.

Next are some half round wire plate racks like this one from Teigen Design. I love how the wire is a natural color, but looks like weathered zinc. It really creates that rustic feel and takes up a lot less space. For $25.99, I certainly think this is my favorite.

Little Suburban Farm sells one exactly like it, but at a higher price – in case the aforementioned is out of stock and you don’t want to wait. It is the same size, but runs at $45.

Little Suburban Farm sells one exactly like the aforementioned one. It is the same size, but is priced at $45. If the previous one is out of stock and you don’t want to wait, you have options, at least.

And yet another shop that sells this same half-round wire rack plate above is Primci. It is the same and sells for $25.95. I’m sure these are listed in many other places, but these seem to be some of the most popular sites. Hopefully you can find one in stock somewhere to hold all of your Rae Dunn plates! The picture is the same as before, so no need to repost it.

I did also find this really cute wire rack from Decor Steals that reminds me of a chicken feeder. It sits a little higher and is $39.99.

I’m sure I could find many variations and designs of wire plate racks out there, but this style seems to be in trend. I hope this helps you in your shopping adventures!