Tiny Houses We Love!

Tiny Houses We Love!

As you may know, there is a tiny house movement sweeping the nation. Ok, maybe not quite sweeping the nation, but I think more and more people are interested in downsizing. People seem more interested in having less square footage and being financially savvy that way they can spend their money in other areas of life that involve making memories. With less of a home to tend to and pay for, it really opens up opportunities to save for college for your kids and being able to do things like travel. People are learning to live smarter.

And some people have even taken that to a whole new level! Tiny houses have become very popular. They have even been used to help out the homeless in certain communities.

After seeing some of these awesome homes, I can see why they are so popular. I could certainly do it! The smallest space I lived in was a 624 square foot house with my family of 3 (my son was 7, so he was small and that helped.) This would be an excellent idea for when the kids have left home and it’s getting close to time to retire. You can even take your tiny house on the road in some cases.

Here are our favorites:

This couple was frustrated with paying $3,500 a month in rent in San Francisco, but couldn’t afford to purchase a home because of the outrageous prices. So they had this one built for $80,000.





I love the use of woods and whites and that bathroom is beautiful! This tiny house is inspiring.

My next favorite tiny houses is this one from Handcrafted Movement. I couldn’t find a story to this one, so we will just admire it in all of its glory.

Love the little garden cabinet on the side of the house!


And the use of copper accents has me admiring this kitchen! This is what I plan for my kitchen: accents of copper, grey colors and wood tones.




And last but not least, this tiny home is listed on AirBnB for rent. It sits in what looks like the back yard of a property and looks quite cozy and private.






These tiny homes are really inspiring me to think ahead for my retirement. Whether I do something like this or not, it’s still a great idea to share.