Teapots are Trending and I’m Sharing My Favorites!

Over the past few months I have noticed another rising “trend” in stores and that is in the sale of teakettles. I am not sure what has sparked this increase of supply and promotion, but I am down! I love fresh brewed tea. Perhaps that is the reason for the influx is that people are on the road to making their own foods and drinks now to live a healthier lifestyle.

I searched out for some of the cutest and best teakettles out there. Check them out!

These two are made by Chantal and I have found this brand in my three favorite stores (Home Goods, T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s). This stainless steel one is sleek and beautiful and has two whistle tones.

I love this aqua one and you can find it at Target. It’s more affordable than the previous one at $24.99. It is stainless steel with an enamel finish.

One of my favorite brands of kitchenware is Le Creuset. The quality of their products is amazing and sure to last. I love this white teakettle. It is made of porcelain enamel on carbon steel which makes for a durable and lasting product. You will probably never have to buy another kettle, which makes it an excellent investment for the price.

This next company has some of the cutest, colorful and trendy designs for teakettles and I am completely in love. What I love even more are the prices. Very affordable for the cute designs by PinkyUp. As their site says, if I had one, I’d probably never put it away just to simply have a statement piece in the kitchen.  I absolutely love this blue one with the wooden handle. It’s very chic and I think the wooden handle is a great feature.

They also have a cute rose gold teapot and infuser and this cast iron teapot. I’ve seen a lot of cast iron teapots at my three favorite stores as well. You really need to browse PinkyUp’s website because I think you will enjoy their designs.