Simple & Easy Halloween Tablescape

Simple & Easy Halloween Tablescape

Last year I made a Halloween Tablescape for those on a budget – which is pretty much everything I do: on a budget. This year is really no different, but some items I purchased were a little more pricey than what I used last year, but nothing that will break the bank.

Of course, I reused some of the things I already had and just added to it with new items that will last much longer than the ones I used last year and can be used year after year.

Most everything was purchased at the TJX stores (Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods) with the exception of the beakers and glow-in-the-dark rocks; they were purchased at Michaels.

The plates really give a vintage look with the big skull in the middle. I love these because they are great to present a vintage vibe with no gore. They were $3.99 each this year and it’s very possible that you can find these on clearance now!

The ouija board cheese plates are also new and only $3.99 each. They come in the opposite color: black with white writing as well. The Rae Dunn Halloween canister is a new purchase for me as well since I just started collecting December of last year. The little candle holders are from this year and were just $1.99 each. They come in bigger sizes as well, but I just love the look of these small ones. The glowy, orange inside was what captivated me.

All of this can be found on clearance if you are lucky, so don’t hesitate to stop by your local TJX store. Same for Marshalls. Both the rocks and beakers were from this year, so it’s possible that you can find them on clearance. They were a little more pricey at $4.99 each (I think), but surely they are already 50% or more off by now.

The placemats and utensils are always on repeat each year at TJX, so keep an eye out and pick some up when you can. Happy shopping!