Shopping for Coastal Farmhouse Style Rugs

Shopping for Coastal Farmhouse Style Rugs

I have been wanting to replace my maui knit rug from Rugs USA in the living room because it is showing wear from where I plant my feet when I sit in my chair. I think this rug is a great rug. I’ve had it for two years now and it has held up great, but we wear shoes in our house – tennis shoes mostly – and they really grip and twist on the rug when sitting. Some of the strands have come loose, so it’s just time to replace it with something that is built sturdier. I have the braided rug in my bedroom and that one seems to deal well under traffic, so I would love to have something braided or a low pile wool. A lot of people say that wool rugs are so hard to care for, but the one by my front door has done better than ANY rug I’ve had there. It is a grey and cream mix and does not stain easily and I can take a wet wipe if there are any splotches.

So that is what I am in search of for the living room as that is where we spend most of our time when we are in the house. I am searching a lot of popular stores and sites online and sharing some of my favorite that are neutral, coastal or farmhouse style.

The first one I found on Rugs USA (they have excellent deals and free shipping!) is this salt and pepper Jubilee Braided Rug. It is an indoor/outdoor rug and that makes it even better! How fantastic would this be on a farmhouse porch?! Hello! Unfortunately I don’t have a farmhouse porch, but with the salt and pepper look, it can help ground my really neutral and beachy living room.

I also love this grey and white striped rug from RugsUSA. I am a sucker for stripes and this one reminds me of the cabana style rug I have under my dining table. It is called Epiphany Stripes Rug.

This Maui Jute Circles rug is seriously cool. I wish it came in a bigger size. The rectangle one is cool, too, but looks like a bunch of placemats tied together. Ha!

I love this Boardwalk hand-braided twined jute and denim rug from RugsUSA! I am not sure that the blue would work in my space since the walls are a soft blue, but I had to share this. Also, it must be a top seller because all of the popular sizes were sold out.

I’m really kind of digging the simplicity of this Loloi Edge Rug, although I would really like to try something different from what I currently have.

Out of all of the RugsUSA rugs, I really think that I would choose the jute and denim one. I would definitely make it work and would love to see how it would look in my living room, besides, paint is an inexpensive fix.

Next up, we are going to shop at Dash & Albert. They have a lot of rugs that really appeal to me, so I had to do some serious narrowing down. That, and some were way over what my budget would be.

This first rug is my absolute favorite from their shop. It is the Marled Grey Woven Cotton Rug and is a top seller. No surprise there…look at this beauty.

Next up is this Aland Cotton Woven Striped Rug. This is at the top of my list from them because I love stripes and these are quite subtle. Not too distracting.

And lastly from Dash & Albert, this rug is the Melange Denim Linen Woven Cotton Rug. It is way over my price range, but deserves a little showing off. It is so pretty.

Another striped rug that has blue and natural colors is this Davidson Navy Natural Jute rug from Caron’s Beach House. Need I say more?

And finally (I know, this was a super long post, eh?), this rug blows me away and I wish it came in larger sizes. Still too perfect not to share…maybe one day! This print is beautiful and subtle. It is the Melbourne Palms area rug from Caron’s Beach House.

Well, if you stuck around to the end, I greatly appreciate you and I hope you enjoyed it. Perhaps even you found some inspiration. Please feel free to share any input in the comments below.