New Farmhouse Decor at Hobby Lobby!

New Farmhouse Decor at Hobby Lobby!

Yesterday, if you watch my Instagram stories, you will have seen the new farmhouse decor I found at Hobby Lobby. Now, I know that you might be here because my site is A COASTAL Cottage, but if you have read up on my story, then you will know that I have a love for farmhouse as well and so I blend that into my decor. And farmhouse is so trendy right now that I wanted to make an entire post about it just like I make entire posts about coastal finds.

Now that we have that aside, let me show you all of the greatness that I found!

First, here is this beautiful wall clock. It is currently on sale from $139.99 to $70.00 due to their sale on all clocks. I love this clock. I love the color of the wood with the black metal numbers. It’s perfect for any home with a rustic vibe.

Next, is this metal mug rack that is only $34.99 full price! Do you know what that means? That means that next week when their metal decor is 50% off, you will score it for seriously cheaper! This is a hot item on other sites that have it priced 2-3 times more. I checked it out in store and it is great quality and I am thinking of picking one up and moving my coffee station into the family room.

This metal olive bucket is not the one in my InstaStory as I can’t find some of the items on their website. But, it’s close and you get the idea. I am going later today and will get prices on the things I can’t find online. But, this one is $24.99.

Next up is this fabric world map that is muted in color. I love this and I know it is a popular item used to hide TVs in rooms. This one is a good size. I would guess around 3’x4′. It is priced at $59.99 and you could use the 40% off coupon making it $35.99.

Tobacco baskets are great for decorating with in large scale and making a big impact in a room. A lot of people put them on mantles or shelves along with ironstone vases, which they also have some lookalikes at Hobby Lobby in this section. This is a steal at $17.99 and you can get it 50% off when the wood decor goes 50% off. It is so lightweight, too.

The galvanized buckets below it were – in order from smallest to largest – $14.99, $17.99 and $19.99.

This farmhouse sign is big and I love the font. This sign style is very trendy right now and I am sure you can get this one for a great deal! I also love everything else in this image. They have a “hi” sign just like that in a smaller version. The sign is $59.99 and the small “hi” is only $8.99.

And here is a shot of the whole row of goodness that I found! Please follow me on Instagram as I am ALWAYS out window browsing for the latest finds: A Coastal Cottage.

You can see a cotton wreath and the “ironstone” pitcher on the very left. I am in love with that cow print, but know it would be too much for my house. The horse print is gorgeous and serene, too. I want it all!