My Jute Rug Review

My Jute Rug Review

It has been a year since I purchased my jute rug from Rugs U.S.A. and I thought I’d share my experience and whether or not I would recommend one.

First, I purchased the Maui Chunky Loop Rug in a 6’X9′. It is in my living room, which is a very heavily traveled room. It is where we enter the house and it is the room we are in the most. 

I wanted a rug that wouldn’t fold up into the vacuum when I tried to clean it. My previous rug was a cabana rug I bought for only $70 at Home Goods. It is the one that is now underneath the dining table. with it being fabric and having lighter stripes, dirt showed easily after a while. I needed something that wouldn’t show dirt or any kind of staining.

I saw a lot of jute rugs showing up in beautiful homes on Instagram. I fell in love instantly. I had already owned a smaller one and used it by the front door and I loved it, so I already knew a little about how to maintain one.

It was perfect timing that around this time Liz Marie Galvan posted her review of jute rugs. She owns several from different companies and she highly recommended them. I felt more confident in moving towards making my own big purchase.

As luck would have it, Rugs USA was having their (regular) 70% off sale. I wound up getting this rug for $110 with free shipping. You can’t beat that.

Once it arrived, I rolled it out and set it up. There was a strong smell that made the room smell like a barn full of hay, but I was already familiar with that and knew it would go away after a couple of weeks of aerating. 

After a few weeks, I knew that I had made an excellent choice. Not only was it appealing in this room and helped with my coastal vibe, but it was everything I needed. It was easy to vacuum and shows no signs of traffic.

The only thing bad about it is that it will produce more dust in the room and underneath it. If you regularly vacuum (I try to hit it every other day) and have a great air filtration system in your house, it shouldn’t be too bad. The other bad thing is you have to make sure to have an appropriate rug pad to help keep it from slipping because it will and very easily. I eventually plan to have the corner Ektorp sofa on it, so most of it will be held down by that.  

My husband walked on it with dog poop on his shoe and I used Windex with vinegar to clean it. There is now an oily looking spot, but it really isn’t very obvious. Just use a light soap and water to clean it. I’ve done this before and over time the spot eventually went away. Something else I do regularly is sprinkle baking soda on it to absorb any odors from bare feet.

To sum it up, I would highly recommend a jute rug, especially if you have dogs and a kid and need something for a high traffic area. I would recommend purchasing one from Rugs USA when they have one of their sales.