My Favorites from the New Hearth & Hand™ Line by Magnolia (Joanna Gaines) at Target

My Favorites from the New Hearth & Hand™ Line by Magnolia (Joanna Gaines) at Target

As a lot of you might know – and have been anxiously awaiting for – the new Hearth & Hand™ line by Magnolia (Joanna Gaines) launched today at Target. And we are all going broke! Haha!

Seriously, I loved so many things from this line and can’t wait to see more. It’s a good thing I have yet to commit to black and white decor…the operative word being yet.

I stopped in my local Target today to check out all the goodies in person and want to share my top picks with you. I was very impressed with the prices as I thought they would be much more expensive considering, but they are actually cheaper than some of the other designer’s lines.

Some of these will be on my list to Santa this year.

This tote bag was the first thing I went to. That design seriously drew me in and I love the feel of the materials used. It’s only $19.99.

This leather coin purse will be a gift in someone’s stocking this year…maybe mine as well! It’s only $9.99.

I might have slightly widened my eyes when I saw these measuring spoon and cups. The spoons are only $7.99 a set.

What a beautiful set of measuring cups! And affordable at only $8.99.

I am a sucker for plain, striped flour sack kitchen towels. These are only $3.99 each.

These woven plaid placements are an absolute favorite of mine from the entire collection. Of course, I gravitated towards the white more, but the black is just as beautiful. They are only $4.99 each.

These stoneware cellars are seriously cute. I love the simplicity of the design and the feel of the finish. The salt cellar is only $5.99 and I have it linked, but I’m sure the others will show up in the similar items section. They are $5.99 as well.

These stoneware dessert plates with the X design are adorable and remind me of an old fabric that used to have little black Xs that stuck up all over it. They are only $4.99 each.

This black flatware set is a 5-piece set and only $19.99. I love how this is such a stark contrast from the typical stainless steel sets.

These potholders are another of my top, top favorites from this whole line. They are thick and excellent quality and I absolutely love the stripes. I will be picking up a set next time. Today was just for browsing. They are only $5.99 for a set of 2…killer deal!

I love these cloth napkins as well and they come in a set of two for only $9.99. As you can see, they have s few designs to choose from.

This beautiful wreath is very simple and beautiful and would suit any home decor. It’s priced nicely at only $19.99.

I fell in love with this woven throw blanket, but it is too dark for my decor. It is only $29.99.

Let me know what you guys think!! Have you been to Target to see the line for yourselves?