My Favorite Wood Look Flooring

My Favorite Wood Look Flooring

Oh, look!!!! Is that a post from A Coastal Cottage?!

Why yes, yes it is.

I have been so busy with life that I just have not had time to tend to my site or my social media accounts. Shameful, I know. Business won’t go anywhere if I don’t push to grow it. But, you have to understand that my personal life will ALWAYS come first.

My Lily has been incredibly sick for the past three months with diarrhea. She has lost 1/4 of her body weight and it has been time-consuming tending to her. Then add on that doing all of the paperwork, etc for my divorce (I self-represented) and trying to work my delivery jobs, I have been stretched very thin. My apologies, but I had to do what was in my best interest.

But I am back!! Who’s excited??

This post I am going to share with you some of my favorite wood look ceramic floor tile. I have been dying to update my floors, but that definitely won’t be in my budget for some time since I am now a single mom providing for myself with not quite the income I once had. But I will still continue on as best I can with this whole home remodeling stuff.

As you know, my house is coastal farmhouse themed and I love neutrals. Whites mostly, but I am ok with softer color tones like blues and greys. So these are all driftwood-like or white or an off-shade of those colors. Enjoy!

Armstrong Architectural Remnants Milk Paint 12 mm. Laminate Flooring Sample traditional-laminate-flooring

This one I found on and LOVE the look of it! I think it would be a perfect fit in my home. I love the aged and distressed look of it.

↑ This beauty is from Wayfair and has a hexagon shaped one that is similar and would be fun. I posted it next.

↑ This beautiful Hexagon shaped distressed wood look tile from Wayfair would be very fun in a room!

↑ I think I am definitely leaning towards and traditional, planked look for my rooms and this one really does it for me as well. Wayfair has a lot of options as far as wood look tile goes.

↑ This Timber Whitewash tile from Lowe’s is beautiful and blends both the driftwood color and the farmhouse wood look perfectly! I love this tile.

↑ This last one is probably my favorite! This image sold me on it. It is the Shale Natural Wood Look tile from Lowe’s. I love how soft the color is. I don’t want my floors to look busy, but some texture would be nice.

All of these tile are reasonably priced for the quality. And I don’t recall seeing bad reviews on any of them. Ceramic tile is never really cheap, but it is definitely a great investment for your home as it will last decades!