Moroccan Tile is Trending and I’m Showing Some of My Favorites

Moroccan Tile is Trending and I’m Showing Some of My Favorites

If you follow home decor trends and design blogs on Instagram, then it’s possible you’ve already noticed this trend that is on the rise.  I think that Joanna Gaines has even used it in one or more of her home renovations on her show, Fixer Upper.

They are definitely popular amongst farmhouse style homes as a way to incorporate a unique and bold twist on the design, while not sticking out like a sore thumb. This is done typically only in black and white when blacks, whites and woods are the predominant colors in the design scheme. I will include those along with some grey tiles in this post and links to where you can find them. Costs vary from average to high, but you can find those in the links.

The first tile that inspired this post was this beautiful grey design. I love this and if I thought it would fit in my house, I would install it! You can find it over on

There are a bunch of really cool and beautiful designs on Wayfair including this fun one.

This one.

This one that I absolutely love!

All Modern carries this beauty. They also have lots of amazing products, too. I do believe Liz Marie Galvan bought her dining room chairs there.

House has a bunch of beautiful Moroccan style tiles available, as well, including this one.

This one.

Medina Handmade Cement Tile, Black and Off-White, Set of 12, 8"x8"
And finally, there is this beauty on Overstock that is a very soft green/grey color. The design reminds me of lobster claws, so it might just work in your beach house!

I have also seen some bloggers use stencils to make their own over linoleum tile or whatever solid pre-existing flooring they have (obviously it can’t be done over textured flooring).

One is My Autumn Farmhouse. She shares all of the details on supplies and where she got everything. Visit the link to see more.

My Chippy Farmhouse has a tutorial on her blog on how she did her DIY stencil floor.

I know that Jessica at The Rustic Pallet on Instagram has her kitchen like this and I think she did the stencil, so you can ask her.

I also know that The Simple Farmhouse on Instagram did a stencil, but does not have a blog. You can check in with her as well.