Master Bathroom Remodel Inspo

Master Bathroom Remodel Inspo

I have made some changes in our master bathroom since we moved in, but there is still a long ways to go. Financially, we aren’t ready to make any big moves yet because once we do, we will have to be prepared to do it all.

I eventually want to remove the shower walls and build a lip on the floor and have glass walls to make it brighter and more open in there. As I have mentioned, there is no window, so it’s a dark room, which is not good for a room with lots of moisture. The biggest challenge for this is that the only place a window could be installed is in the shower and we all know how that can go. The other portion of wall contains our breaker box (and actually, the shower wall might have part of that as well…I haven’t really checked).

My plan is to remove the shower walls and make them glass, update the tile in the shower, add a window (possibly), replace all of the floor tile, replace the commode and build a new vanity with new everything there, too. While I am a frugal person, this could still be quite costly. We are able to do without our master for a while so that we can do things when we can. I just don’t want to start this project and it take 3 years to finish. I am not sure when we will actually start on all of it, but for now I have replaced the mirrors and light fixtures at least! Yay!

Here is my design board showing my inspiration. These are items I want to use eventually. The vanity is not exactly like I want as I want completely open shelving, but you can get the gist of it all. I have not decided on sinks and faucets yet…they will probably be white top mount vessel sinks, same as what I put in my son’s bathroom. Enjoy!



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