Kitchen Remodel Inspiration

Kitchen Remodel Inspiration

When we moved into this house, nothing had really been updated. All of the walls were an out-dated and boring white, except the kitchen. It was a terrible green color with ugly green, laminate countertops. Gack!


It had a tiny little ceiling fan and an iridescent light over the sink. That’s it! As you can see, there is very little natural light that makes its way into this room. It is in the very center of the house and has two load-bearing walls that really can’t be removed.

On the top of our list was replacing the fan with a light. I decided from the start what colors I wanted in the kitchen: almost white grey walls with wood counters, copper accents and a marbled tile backsplash.

When I saw this barrel light at Home Depot, I knew it would be a perfect way to draw your eye up and to add in an immediate pop of copper. The light is faux, but I love it. The only thing I don’t like is that it puts off a golden tinge in the room and the light is not very bright. So, it might have to go, eventually.


I painted the walls already because I could no longer stand the green. Eventually that built-in shelf area will be a solid wall (it was once the door into the utility room, which is now my master bath). We also updated the faucet and that is about it.

I know that our kitchen will eventually be beautiful and amazing and I can’t wait to get it done! For now, I will share my design board of things I want to include.