June 2016 Favorite Coastal Farmhouse Finds

June 2016 Favorite Coastal Farmhouse Finds

I try to do a quarterly post to share products I have found that I am in love with. Most of the time, it will revolve around my decorating theme: coastal farmhouse style.

I kept getting an ad pop up in my news feed on Facebook for Arro Home. This rug is amazing! I think I love it so much because it reminds me of a wall rug my mother had hanging in our home when I was little. This would be perfect as a bedside rug.

This faux and distressed wood ceramic tile from Lowes. I saw this in person and this picture does not do it justice. The variation in distress really makes everything look natural. Some pieces have more white to them and some are like this. I would love to see a room finished in this.

This light fixture from Lowes is exactly what I am looking to put above my sink in the kitchen. I am not quite ready to do that remodel yet, but I have been itching to do so. That or the French doors to replace a window in my family room.

Or maybe this one: both by allen + roth. This shape would tie into the glass vases I have around the house like this.

These decorative ceramic bottles from West Elm would be perfect left empty or with a few sticks of dried flowers or cotton stems.

I have been in love with linen bedding for a while now. I follow a few accounts on Instagram that display lots of lovely linen goodness and I am constantly dreaming of having that for myself. I like how drab the photos are, too, which is far from how my bedroom is. I love lots of light, but I still think this bedding would be beautiful in my bedroom. This collection from Wamsutta at Bed, Bath & Beyond is lovely.


These plates are an absolutely beautiful shade of soft blue that can definitely call to the ocean. They also remind me of enamelware, which has a farmhouse vibe to it. Simply beautiful. You can find these at Cottage & Bungalow.

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