Grilling Guide for Summer with Crate & Barrel

Grilling Guide for Summer with Crate & Barrel

Summer is right around the corner. I can already feel it here in Florida and for us that means firing up the grill even more than we already do. We love to cook outside when it’s hot to avoid making the house hot. We need all the reprieve we can get here, trust me.

I rounded up some of my favorite grilling items to share with you from Crate & Barrel.

I love cooking with cast iron. It reminds me of watching my grandmother cook when I was little. It seems to help enrich the foods with all of its natural flavors and it cooks well. These cast iron skillets by Lodge are a great quality and a necessity for any kitchen. You can cook up all sorts of items in these guys over the grill. What’s also great about them is that they are pre-seasoned.

This next item is a definite necessity for the avid griller. If you make veggies or anything else that is loose, you can toss it in this Grab and Grill Basket by Schmidt Bros. and cook it over the grill. Their kitchen items are excellent quality and i love how this basket is angled and deep enough to hold a good serving of veggies. Grab two so that you can make another side and have all of your food cooked over the grill!

Corn is one of my favorite sides for the summer. I love smothering it in butter and pink Himalayan salt. I always make a mess all over myself, but it is sooo good! Now that I have seen this Corn Grilling Basket by Schmidt Bros, I am going to have to make a trip to our local mall and stop by Crate & Barrel. I have to agree: it’s an ingenious creation. Bravo!

You can’t grill without the proper utensils: something to grip, something to flip and something to sop! It’s no surprise that I immediately fell in love with these copper and teakwood handle utensils. I seriously need these in my life. We love to marinate, so the mop is a necessity in our utensil set.

And this….this contraption is interesting to me. I don’t know what I’d roast garlic for, but I am a garlic fan, so I think I need to add this to my goodies for cooking. I love how it looks like something old. Anyone have any ideas for recipes?

And finally, I am also a huge fan of pizza and think it would be so fun to have this outdoor pizza oven kit. I’ve considered building my own pizza oven outside, but I just am not THAT invested in it yet. One day I will be whipping up my own homemade pizzas, but for now, I will divulge myself in my favorite local spot, Solorzano Bros. This kit would be an awesome thing to have in the meantime should I decide to start out making my own oven fired pizzas. There is nothing better than homemade.