Favorite Coastal Farmhouse Style Dinnerware from Crate & Barrel

Favorite Coastal Farmhouse Style Dinnerware from Crate & Barrel

I have been asked what kind of dishes I recommend that will go well with Rae Dunn items and I have rounded up some that I want to share with you guys! You can add these to your Christmas list to Santa this year. These are all from Crate & Barrel and are currently 20% off, so don’t wait!

When it comes to dishes, oftentimes I will go straight to Crate & Barrel for good quality dishes that I am confident will last many years to come. It’s kind of an investment for me, so I am fairly picky about what I choose. I am not one of these people who puts my good dishes on display for most of the year then only brings them out for the holidays. I like to use what I have, so good quality is a must!

My absolute favorite dishes are the Farmhouse style dishes from Crate & Barrel. They have a ribbed look around the bottom of the plate, which makes it look like it was made on a pottery wheel by hand. I also love that it has a lip around the edge to keep your food from sliding off. This is important when cutting your food so that it doesn’t slip right off if you have a tough part to cut (hello, well-done steak lovers!). The color is an off-white tone and it looks aged on the ribbed areas like it has been worn and used many times over. It looks imperfect and that is currently trendy in the dishes/pottery world.

I have this set and I love it! It goes great with my round EAT plates by Rae Dunn. Those beauties were my unicorn for the longest and I am so glad that they produced them again recently.

Some people prefer more of a glam look to their farmhouse decor and that includes dishes. If you feel round is too simple or boring, then the Savannah Scalloped plates might be for you. These plates would be beautiful layered with other shaped dishes, including small round dishes like my Rae Dunn EAT plates.

These are a little more pricey than the Farmhouse ones and the others I am featuring, but they are beautiful and perfect for any glam farmhouse or southern belle farmhouse.

These next dishes are another favorite of mine and I would love to have a set of these as well. This is the Marbury style set and it also has a worn or aged look to it. The edges look scuffed and show a darker side through the glaze kind of like worn enamelware. They are also a little more pricey, but oh so worth it.

These are beautiful layered as a set in their own style, but would also look amazing with other dishes as well. If you could find some smaller dishes with oblong shapes and a handmade look, that would be perfect for these. I would aim for a darker gray or taupe to compliment them.

I think the smaller plates in the following set – the Marin style dinnerware – would look really good layered on top of the Marbury dinner plate. It has an imperfect shape with a little bit of dimpling. They also have the rustic look with the edges having darker showing through.

If you have a little bit of a tighter budget, but love the look of the Farmhouse plates mentioned above, you can choose the Mercer style plates. They have a dimpled look which is a lot like Rae Dunn and they also have the lipped edge.

These are my top picks for Coastal Farmhouse style dinnerware. Or simply Farmhouse style. If you buy the dishes as a set, you can save just a little bit more, but as of right now, they are on sale for 20% off. It’s a really good deal that you won’t want to miss!