DIY Fabric Garland for Fall

DIY Fabric Garland for Fall

Want an inexpensive way to add a little color and design element to a space? This tutorial is easy and can certainly do the trick.

Decide on the color theme that you want then search for a few fabrics of different color and texture. I chose a lace fabric, Osnaburg utility fabric and a wedding veil fabric…all from Joann. You don’t need much. I think I bought 1/2 a yard in each and didn’t use all of it. It depends on how big you make it, too.

You will also need some yarn to attach it to and some Command Hooks or whatever you choose to hang it with.

Cut out strips of your fabric roughly one inch wide and 12 inches long. Once again, this is all based on preference. You can do longer or shorter if you please.

Put one of each of your fabric together, then loop it.



Take your loop over the top of the yarn.


Then reach through and under the yarn to grab the “tails” of the fabric and pull them through. Stretch your yarn out and tighten the fabric, which now looks kind of like a necktie.


Repeat until you have as much as you want!

It’s that easy.




This area doesn’t photograph well at this time of day, apparently. I will take some better ones later when the lighting changes.