Cocoa/Coffee Bar

Cocoa/Coffee Bar

Cocoa Bar. Cocoa Station. Coffee Bar. Coffee Station. Center….whatever you want to call it! Your own little spot to whip up a hot, delicious beverage for the holiday season or even year ’round for that matter. There’s nothing stopping you, remember?

Even though I am not a coffee drinker at all, I decided to join in on the fun this holiday season and create a spot for my cocoa goodness.

All I did was add a few things next to where my Keurig sits on the counter for easy access.

I put the cocoa packets in a little papier mache box I had. I tossed some marshmallows in a flip-top jar I purchased at Dollar Tree. Put some peppermint stir sticks I bought at Target in a jar I bought at Dollar Tree. And I put those cute little Christmas Tree stir sticks I bought in the Target Bullseye Playground – a.k.a. Dollar Spot – in a cute little stocking from the same place.

Voila! You don’t have to go all out and build a whole new table just to create a coffee/cocoa bar. You can keep it simple and dress up your space with some cute storage pieces.