Beachy Style Ceiling Fans for Under $100

Beachy Style Ceiling Fans for Under $100

Living in central Florida on the Gulf Coast, you definitely have to include ceiling fans in your home decor. They are a must because it gets hot and stays hot for a majority of the year. You really don’t even need heat, just a good cooling system.

Ceiling fans help provide relief for a central cooling unit and we have them in the most used rooms in the house: each bedroom and the living room. I love how they keep a room cool and provide a decorative touch. The ceiling fan in my living room is my favorite. It was a little more costly than the others we bought when we moved in, but it really makes a statement in there.

It has been 3 years since we moved in and replaced all of our ceiling fans and recently, my son’s decided to die on us. His was a space themed one that we had purchased at Home Depot (which is currently on sale $67 off!). I wanted his room to have a mature look to it that could grow with him as he aged. He picked out his ceiling fan and wanted that one since he loves all things cosmology.

So now I am on the hunt for a new ceiling fan to go in his room. Our budget is currently lower than when we moved in as we have had a lot of unexpected costs this past year that we are still recovering from. Hey, it happens! My blog isn’t for people who have loads of money to drop whenever they want. It’s for those of us who have to plan for these kind of expenses and even then, we still don’t have large amounts of money for projects. I am a frugal person and I have selected a few inexpensive and simple ceiling fans that aren’t too boring or too distracting for your space.

This one is my first pick and my favorite. It is the Wengue 30″ ceiling fan by Westinghouse. It has averaged 4+ stars for reviews. I always pay attention to those reviews when I am shopping as I think it’s very important and helpful in making a decision. And it’s why I am always honest when I am writing my own reviews, either for products I’ve purchased or when I am reviewing products for PR.

I love how this ceiling fan’s blades look like a propeller for an airplane. Overall, it is clean and stylish and perfect for a small room. I decided that I am going to stick to a simpler look when picking out ceiling fans unless the room really calls for it. My son’s bedroom is already busy enough with all of his toys and gadgets, so I don’t want to add  to the “clutter” with a busy ceiling fan. This one is perfect and is only $77.36.

This ceiling fan is another simple ceiling fan with 5 star reviews. It is the Farmington 52″ indoor fan, also at Home Depot. I like the colors and think they would go great in my coastal farmhouse style decor. The blades have a wood look to them with oil-rubbed bronze on the motor and other parts.

It can still draw too much attention, especially if you have a lot of light colors in your beachy house, but I wanted to show this one because it is nice and the price is great at $47.82 (on sale). It is also a bigger fan at 52″ and would do well in a bigger room.

This next one really puts off that beachy vibe and adds a great decorative touch to any room. It is the Palm Beach 48″ Gilded Iron fan by Hampton Bay. It is an indoor/outdoor ceiling fan and has 4.5 star reviews on the site. It is currently on sale for $79.20 from $99. That’s a great deal, even if it’s not on sale, especially for this style.

This is another one similar to the one above that is priced nicely. It is the Hampton Bay Lillycrest 52″ indoor/outdoor ceiling fan. It is also for bigger rooms and definitely creates that beachy vibe since the blades resemble palm leaves. It has 5 star reviews and is $84.97.

This last ceiling fan has mixed reviews, but has maintained 4 stars. People either love it or hate it, I guess. Half say it doesn’t work well while the others say it does. I love the look of it. It is similar to the first one I shared as it looks like an airplane propeller. This one is a little more sleek, but double the price at $99. It is the Hampton Bay Sovana 44″ ceiling fan.

There was only one ceiling fan from Lowe’s that fell into my category for this post that wasn’t very bland and was priced well.

This ceiling fan is a 44″ indoor/outdoor ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze called Cedar Shoals. It has that wicker type look to it and is all white, so it has very little color distraction, but a beachy feel. It is priced at $99.98 and has 3.5 stars. It isn’t on the top of my list, but still something to consider.

Now, I have not personally tested any of these, but do plan on buying the first one mentioned for my son’s room. In a year, I will report back and give you my full review…or sooner if things go South.