Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

I have been perusing Pinterest and Instagram searching for inspiration for my bathroom remodel. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t happening anytime soon, so basically I am just living vicariously through these beautiful bathrooms until the time comes for me to redo mine.

The bathroom I am talking about is our main bathroom that is near my son’s bedroom and the guest bedroom. It is currently so outdated and in need of a remake, but it will require a complete gutting so that I can be happy.

When we moved into this house, the carpet along the wall that is between the bathroom and guest room was damp and there was mold/mildew on the tack strips when we pulled it up. We were a little baffled as to where it came from because no one had lived in the house for quite some time. There were no signs of a leak in the ceiling and the wall wasn’t wet. After a few months, we realized that it was probably the tiniest leaks going into hairline cracks in the bathroom tile. When in the guest room, we could smell the musty smell permeating from that wall. I finally ripped the wall out and discovered yellow and black mold on the sheetrock. The wall in the bathroom was chicken wire, grout and tile…I guess how they did it in the 60s. Since the grout is porous, it has absorbed some of that smell and the only way to 100% eliminate it is to rip it all out. I removed all of the affected sheetrock and we replaced it. It is a temporary fix.

So, I dream of the day that we can get rid of everything in that bathroom and put in all new fixtures and goods (except the porcelain tub will stay and have a paint job). In the meantime, let’s enjoy some beautiful bathrooms that have features on my checklist.

This bathroom belongs to the amazing Jenna Sue of Jenna Sue Design. She is one of my favorite home decor bloggers and this bathroom is simply amazing. I love how it provides a relaxed feel, but that tile is busy enough to draw you in to see more. The contrast to the neutral shiplap walls compliments it well. I like how she used an antique piece of furniture for her sink to give that rustic feel along with the vintage style tub. This color scheme creates a spa-like feel where you can relax and soak away the stresses of the day.


This next bathroom was done by Chip & Joanna Gaines for a couple on their show, Fixer Upper. I love the contrast done with navy and white; it creates a coastal/nautical feel, but then you have the subway tile and white shiplap to create a farmhouse feel. This is a lot like the vibe I am creating in my own home. I have always been a fan of subway tile with the charcoal colored grout.


This bathroom really emanates the rustic feel from the skull and horns to the galvanized light fixture, which I LOVE, btw. I also love the wooden frames around the mirrors. I think it’s neat that they have a farmhouse style sink in their bathroom. Typically you only see those in a kitchen. It is a unique twist, but looks great on that vanity. This bathroom is by The Pink Tumbleweed.


This bathroom is one I pinned a long time ago, before I even started planning designs for my new home. I love the colors and the feel of this bathroom. It looks very clean and modern, but that riverstone floor gives an organic feel and really just makes this bathroom amazing. I prefer white riverstone, but this is still lovely. I could not find an original source for this photo. Please let me know if you know so I can give proper credit.


This is another bathroom that I pinned before planning my bathroom remodel. It is from 12 Oaks., whose original bathroom was tiled just like mine…except pink! I love the cool blue colors which gives off the watery vibe and how that is paired with the woods and darker hardware to warm it up and give a vintage/rustic feel. I also like the marble floor tile. Marble is timeless and can be used in a variety of design styles. The white accents really makes it feel clean, which is exactly how you want your bathroom to feel.


I love all of these bathrooms and have plans to incorporate a lot of these features in my bathroom when the time comes to remodel it. Stay tuned!