2017 New Year Resolutions

2017 New Year Resolutions

Every year on my personal blog, I would post my resolutions for the New Year along with the previous year’s and I would review them and say whether or not I accomplished them.

I’ve decided to move that to this blog as a lot of my resolutions are home related. Some are personal, but nothing too personal that I don’t feel comfortable sharing.

With that, here are 2016’s resolutions:

  • Go on more adventures and continue to make memories. – We definitely did this! We’ve discovered more parks and preserves in our area and neighboring cities. We also ventured to Ocala to visit family.
  • Stay organized and stick to routines that help keep me on track, like the menu and cleaning list. – I improved. I’m not 100% there, but I definitely made some changes that kept me more focused.
  • Continue to live clutter-free! – Definitely!! I have donated so much stuff and really minimized the clutter. I’m still tackling some areas.
  • Always eat dinner at the table and play relaxing music while we do. – We started slipping these past couple of months when I started refinishing the chairs. We haven’t played music in a while, but it’s something I’d love to get back to.
  • Play more board games, etc. – Yes!!
  • Donate to brain cancer research every year. Please consider doing the same. This foundation was set up in memory of someone very dear to my heart: 11:11 Foundation in Memory of Frank Kane – I believe I made a donation, but I am going to this week just to be sure.
  • Learn to forgive myself. – Oh, this is a big one! I have finally learned how I need to let go of some things and it has brought me to do a lot of self-reflecting as of lately. I finally got it.
  • Learn to be more tolerant and not let nagging issues bother me. – I have definitely improved in this area and try to be aware of things that bother me and just work on not making any kind of fuss about them.
  • Lose 30 pounds! – I must’ve lost some because I know my goal has never been 107 and that is what I would be at if I lost that now.
  • Make better choices for my health as far as food and drinks go. Cut way back on my carb intake. This means I really have to moderate my favorite beverage: Mello Yello. My ideal goal would be to treat myself every now and then, but if I could cut back to one a day, I’d be happy with that for now and could use it as a catalyst to improve upon. – It has been a struggle, but I have definitely improved by far. My newest commitment has been to have at least one bottle of water before I drink any other kind of drink. I have been more aware of my portions and not overeating in one area.
  • Remodel the kitchen entirely. – Can I just laugh now? Ok, ok. We did change the light fixture over the sink.
  • Remodel Aidan’s bathroom. – Laughing even harder.
  • Fix the insulation and install additional roof ventilation. – Yes! We added vents to each side of the gables. My husband says the insulation is fine.
  • Trip to Tennessee. 3rd year’s a charm? – It’s tentatively planned for February.
  • Continue to be grateful for the people in my life – past and present – and the memories they have helped me to have. – Most definitely. I have connected with some people from my past and those experiences have taught me that I am where I am because of the choices I have made in my life.
  • Be more patient and compassionate and loving. Soften those edges. – Hmm. Not sure about this one. I think I am still on the defense in a lot of ways. I have recently come into an understanding of a lot of things and I think that will help get me there, but it will take a little time.
  • Continue to read books. – Yes! My friend Mr. Jones sent me a few great books that I need to get to.
  • Hiking and walking needs to happen more often, especially with friends and family. – This is part of the adventures I mentioned before. Santa brought me a couple of backpacks for hiking! I also bought a bike this year and have ventured out.
  • Learn to paddle board or buy a canoe…some kind of new recreational activity that requires more effort. – I bought a kayak, but I have yet to take it out on the water. We also bought a couple of blow-up rafts.
  • Pay off Lily and my Target card. – Nope and nope. I have almost maxed out my Target card thanks to Christmas and another year of no bonus. Lily will be paid off in a few months.

Looking back on these always helps me to refresh my goals and think of new goals I’d like to achieve. There are some things I resolve to change as well, mostly within me. So here are my resolutions for 2017:

  • Breathe and let go of any thoughts that do not serve to build me up or grow me in any way.
  • Only invest my time in people who reciprocate the same. I will not chase after people anymore. If they don’t care to be a regular part of my life, then our relationship will be very simple and cordial.
  • Focus on building myself up mentally, physically and spiritually. Get healthy in every way.
  • Indulge in any passion that I may have.
  • Build a career or find one.
  • Regularly contribute to A Coastal Cottage and Modern Day Moms.
  • Be the best friend and mother I can be. Aidan does not need to grow up developing my negative habits and traits. He needs a mother who shows she can handle herself through anything. He needs strength and guidance, not someone who appears out of control or disorganized. Don’t be the friend who is a nuisance or always has problems to discuss. Show love and support and focus on talking positively. Nobody likes a Negative Nancy.
  • Read more. Spend my free time divulging in good books!
  • Go on adventures and have lots of family time.
  • Cook more homemade foods. Find new recipes. Eat better. Drink more water and ditch the damned soda!
  • Get my butt in shape, once and for all. My life depends on it! And I’m not getting any younger. I need to develop healthy habits for my body.
  • Continue to donate to brain cancer research every year. Please consider doing the same. This foundation was set up in memory of someone very dear to my heart: 11:11 Foundation in Memory of Frank Kane
  • Most importantly: forgive and fall in love with myself.

I look forward to this year. I think I am finally in a place where I am ready to let go of past hurts and live again.