2016 Favorite Christmas Finds at Target

2016 Favorite Christmas Finds at Target

I have scoured through Target to find some awesome goods for your home decorating needs. These are some of my favorites that I think you will like, too.

This charger is so simple and I love a cute, cursive font.

Then you can use these cute appetizer plates around the table or even on a buffet to style with them. I absolutely love the vintage look to these melamine plates, especially the Santa!


Each time I go into Target, I always gawk at this pillow as I walk by. It is amazing. The quality is very nice as it is a heavy wool. One of these days I will actually pick one up. I have avoided doing so since I am changing my color scheme in my family room.


And faux fur is always a great idea for Christmas. Reminds me of Santa’s trimming on his suit.


This guy is pretty and festive! You have to have a reindeer somewhere in your decor. Put him up on the mantle or your entryway table to make a statement.


The old truck with the tree in the back is a must-have! There is also one in the Bullseye’s Playground (aka One Spot) section that is only $3, although it is ceramic.


These camp themed ornaments are the only ones that I have purchased so far (trying not to continue purchasing reds!). The bottom left one is my favorite.


And these fish. I don’t know what fish have to do with Christmas, but I thought they were too cute not to mention. If you like fishing, there you go!


And these wooden ornaments are super cute, too.


And then there is this artificial tree that I call the Charlie Brown tree that you can hang them all on. Or leave it bare. That would be cute, too.


I would love to share some of their goodies from the Bullseye’s Playground (One Spot) that I have picked up as well that you must have. I need to take some decent photos of them first. That post will come soon.