2015 Holiday Home Tour

2015 Holiday Home Tour

This is my first year posting a holiday home tour for Christmas. I am excited to share my home with you and hope to inspire others. I have considered changing things up a bit next year, so this might be the last year you see some of these decorations.

Welcome to A Coastal Cottage!

When you come through the front door, you enter into the living room.


This is where I have my wintry themed Christmas decor and tree.

IMG_0076 IMG_0080

On the console is our Christmas Village and a few coastal accents.

IMG_0087 IMG_0099 IMG_0097


(I have since removed the berries out of the top of the sign. I was entertaining the idea, but thought it was too much)

Next, we have the dining area, which is in the center of the house, connecting the main rooms.

IMG_0106 IMG_0115

This is the first year that I decided to decorate the guest room, but it was a last minute thought. I put the comforter we used in our bedroom in there as we have a coastal theme in the bedroom and the red and grey just doesn’t match. I’m not sure where I will go with this next year. We will see. I still need to paint the bed to match the room.


We have a basket on the bed for when guests arrive. Its usually filled with a new mug, some treats and other goodies. These are for my father and bonus mom.


This is the tree in our master bedroom. It is a coastal themed tree. I still need a ton more ornaments to adorn it with as well as decor, etc for the room.


And lastly, is our family room. We have it decorated in a woodland type theme with plaids, reds, browns and animals typically associated with winter. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I have plans to paint this room Intense White as the color in there now photographs poorly and it looks terrible with other light and things reflecting off of it. I have grown to hate it. It was a color requested by my husband because he wanted something “colorful” and beachy. Sorry, but it has to go!




IMG_0057 IMG_0060


I hope you enjoyed the tour!