20 Things About Me

20 Things About Me

I was recently tagged by Sarah at The Disney Dwelling on Instagram to share 20 things about me. I chose to write them all out on here instead, just to keep it easily accessible and for all to see who come from different sources.

I live a rather simple life. I think at my age, you grow to love less unless it is time spent with the ones you love. This will bring me to number one:

  1. I am 38 years old. I am also a Virgo, which makes me a Type A brutally honest woman.
  2. I am a natural redhead, so a sassy Type A brutally honest woman.  -Strawberry blonde to be exact.
  3. When I was little, I learned how to tuck myself away in the back “cubby” of our Karmann Ghia (VW) and one day I did it as my dad was driving and he panicked thinking I had fallen out the window.
  4. My first car was a 1972 VW Super Beetle.
  5. I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. I am NOT a football fan and you will never hear the words “Go Vols” or “Go Big Orange” come out of my mouth. It’s also funny that I relocated to their #1 enemy state/team, Florida.
  6. I am a very artistic and creative person. It runs in my family. We are an interesting bunch. I can make stained-glass windows, I can do pencil portraits and other artsy fartsy things.
  7. I worked in the psych field for 14+ years. Most of my time was with “troubled” teens, but I also worked with pregnant women who were court-ordered to rehab. I also used to develop & design websites. Some are still up and running.
  8. When I was a pre-teen/teen, I used to rearrange my room to create “spaces.” Interior decorating has been a fascination for many years. I also took a course in high school, but never pursued it any further until now.
  9. I am related to President Zachary Taylor. He was a drunk, I’m told, and not a very good president.
  10. My grandfather helped build one of the atomic bombs that we dropped on Japan. Nothing to brag about, honestly, but it’s a big part of our recent history.
  11. I once met John Corbett (hello, Aidan from Sex and The City!!) and he blew me kisses from onstage. It was hard not to grab his ass when I had my arm around him. lol
  12. I once met a man on AOL, fell in love and had planned to move to Philly to be with him. I got cold feet and sabotaged the relationship. It is my biggest regret ever as he was the love of my life. He passed away from brain cancer 3 years ago (two days ago).
  13. I am getting divorced from my husband of 11 years. I am learning how to forgive and let go. Life will be changing for me eventually, but for now we are being amicable and living together until we are on our feet and stable.
  14. My favorite band ever is Pearl Jam. My musical interests range from Eazy-E to Motley Crue to L7 to Ella Fitzgerald and Tchaikovsky.
  15. My favorite flower is the Peony, but they won’t grow where I live. 🙁
  16. When I was little, my mother taught me Spanish. She also taught me about 911 around the same time. Ultimately, I began to call 911, recite 1-10 in Spanish and hang up.
  17. I also know sign language, just not fluently. And I am currently teaching myself Italian.
  18. I homeschool my son as of this year. We do “unschooling” and learn from experiences and when the moment calls for lessons. It’s probably the best thing I have done for my son (who is 10).
  19. I also have two 23 year old step-kids (not twins).
  20. I used to get picked on and bullied for being skinny.

Now that it’s over, I feel like I was just getting started. Ha!

Nothing very interesting here. I am sure that I will remember something significant that I should have shared, but that is all for now.