I am Wendy, the creator and sole editor of A Coastal Cottage. I started this blog to document my journey in remodeling my home that I purchased in January 2014. I am a soon-to-be single/divorced mom living in sunny Sarasota, Florida – known for its beautiful beaches. I am a big DIYer and love to do things on a very small budget…I always love a challenge. That, and I am a frugal person; I don’t like to spend big.

I am originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, so that is where the touch of farmhouse comes into play in my home. I grew up going along with my mother to many antiques shows and flea markets, always on the hunt for old goodies.

I still have a long ways to go on remodeling my home and this will not be a quick fix for me as I am dealing with a divorce and all of the financial adjustments that come with that. Please stick around by subscribing to my blog. I hope to be an inspiration to many who are like myself and can’t afford expensive remodels. I also enjoy sharing my shopping trips with my followers. Who doesn’t love a great find at a great price?! One day I hope to have a working relationship with the TJX company as I am a huge supporter. For now, I will continue as I have and hope to keep you intrigued and inspired!


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  • Hi. I’m interested in the round marble wrapped in gold door knobs you show in one of your pictures. Do you sell them? Cost? Are the size appropriate for bathroom doors? I’m looking for a set. Thanks.

    • Hi Catherine!

      Those knobs are available at Hobby Lobby, but are meant to be used as drawer knobs/pulls. They do carry door knobs, too, so you might find something similar. Give them a look!


  • I discovered your Instagram account by accident. Then to know you are in Sarasota and I am in Bradenton I just had to reach out to you. You have a lovely blog and I will enjoy reading your posts since we are neighbors.

    • Hello neighbor!!
      Thanks for following along! Please feel free to introduce yourself on Instagram or anywhere else you might be following. 🙂

    • Hi Jackie!

      Subscribe to the shop newsletter to find out when I list more items. When you visit my site’s main page, a popup will show after a couple of seconds. Enter your email there.

      I will be adding more today!

  • Hello, My name is Tatiana and I am from Puerto Rico. Our TJMaxx and Marshall’s stores are full of RD merch. Some are even on liquidation as most people have no clue about who she is. Im a full time student doing a PhD in Clinical Psychology. In other words, I live off my student loans and between classes,studying for them, doing my practicum and working on my thesis I hardly have time to breathe let alone get a job in retail or a restaurant.

    For the past few months Ive been thinking about selling RD merch online. I love her merchandise, and when an acquaintance of mine from the States asked about RD merch and so many people answered it ocurred to me that I could sell it, specially the items in liquidation. They even carry her pet line!

    My question to you is… as of July 2018, is selling RD merch online cost effective? Should I use eBay, which Im not really a fan of, or is there another online market I could sell it? What do you suggest? I just dont want to make sure it would be a good investment.

    Thanks and have an amazing summer!


    • eBay charges 10% on the sale and on the shipping, so I would use them as a last resort. A lot of people use Mercari, but there are still charges there. If you could build your own site like mine, it would be better. You could make a decent income selling it, you just have to pay attention to what’s hot and what’s not.

  • I read your post about leaving rae dunn. I just stopped buying it too. These ladies keep harassing me through Facebook and it’s getting overwhelming. I’m Rae dunn done.

    • It’s really pathetic how some of these grown women behave over it.You should see a conversation a woman I know had with another about hunting at her store and now she feels like competition….and why was she hunting her store?!?

      Really?? So juvenile.

  • Hello Dear Wendy,
    I admire you for your strength, tenacity, and get er’ dun! resilience. You are what strong women are all about: they lead with honor, courage, truthfulness, admit mistakes and fix them. Wishing you all the best! P.S. I love your blog!

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