Joanna Gaines releases a new line of paints at The Magnolia Market

And they are perfect!!

My two favorites are actually very similar to the colors I used in my guest room: Shiplap and Ella Rose. I will have to share a photo to show you guys!

You can view and purchase them online here on her site: The Magnolia Market.

Here is an image of the swatches available:


I love all of them. I think they are an excellent selection for those who like the more neutral and aged appeal. There are a few colors in there with a little punch, like Vine Ripened Tomato for those who like to be daring or want an accent color.

My guest bedroom is painted in a color very similar to Shiplap and the inside of the closet is a color similar to Ella Rose. See!

The lighting is a little low in there right now, so it’s darker, plus there is a yellow cast from outside, but you can get an idea. These colors compliment each other so well and look great in a coastal themed house.